Thailand- Koh Lanta

After lots research on the islands of Thailand, I settled on Koh Lanta. I wasn’t wanting parties or lots of crowds so that eliminated a lot of the popular islands.

To get to Koh Lanta, the easiest way was to go through Krabi. After experiences using South American transportation in the back of my mind, I opted to fly into Krabi, spend the night then go onward to Koh Lanta and repeat this on the way back. To my surprise the timing is great and you could probably omit the night(s) in Krabi.

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Thailand- Bangkok

I hear from a lot of people you either love Bangkok or you don’t, I am the latter.

Round one…

My first experience was landing at 11 pm and then making my way to the hotel and then proceeding to depart less than 12 hours later to fly south. I came back for a second night in the northern part of the city closest to Don Muang Airport. The selection of affordable places to stay was not great so I chose the nicest that was cheap and close to the airport.

Well, it came with a bit of shock. As I sat in the cab, the roads twisted and turned and it appeared I was getting deeper into a residential area. I began to wonder if I was actually heading to the hotel or if I was being taken somewhere else. We drove by apartment buildings, shops, houses, little shanty houses on the river which consisted of metal sheets placed just so. I became increasingly nervous the longer it took. I asked out of curiosity if we were close and he said “yes” and within a minute we stopped at the hotel.

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Solo Travel

Solo Travel…

It’s scary… what if you get sick… what if you get lonely… what if something bad happens to you… But you’re a female going alone

I get it… venturing off alone somewhere isn’t for everyone. One thing for sure, it stirs up a lot of emotions when the topic gets brought up, especially as a female.

I went on my first solo trip back in 2012, I got into my car and drove to Seattle without a plan or any idea about the city or where to stay. I got my first taste of planning, problem-solving and being self-reliant. I went on to plan another solo road trip this time to Portland, part of 30th birthday to San Francisco and most recently to Thailand and Indonesia.

Me in the Calgary airport before taking off. All belongings in tow.

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